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This Australian Government webpage providing information about the Companion Card will be decommissioned from 1 February 2022. The Companion Card program is administered by the state and territory governments. For further information about the Companion Card please visit your state or territory government website. Alternatively, you can visit the Disability Gateway website at and search for ‘Companion Card’. This will provide a link to Companion Card information in the states and territories.

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Information for Affiliates

What is an Affiliate?

Issuing a second ticket at no charge to cardholdersBy recognising the Companion Card and becoming an ‘Affiliate’, participating organisations agree to issue a second ‘companion’ ticket at no charge to cardholders who require attendant care support to participate at venues, activities and events run by them.  Affiliates agree to accept a Companion Card issued in any Australian State or Territory. 

Any costs associated with providing a companion ticket are the responsibility of the affiliate.

Why Affiliate? 

Companion Card is a simple, consistent and reliable method of identifying people who require attendant care in order to participate in events, venues and activities.  By becoming an affiliate and therefore agreeing to accept the Companion Card, your organisation can benefit by:

A 2006 survey on Victorian Companion Card users revealed that since having the card, cardholders had more than doubled the number of times they go out.

Who Should Affiliate?

Any business, organisation, venue, event or activity that charges an admission or participation fee should consider becoming an affiliate

See what organisations are already Companion Card Affiliates.