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This Australian Government webpage providing information about the Companion Card will be decommissioned from 1 February 2022. The Companion Card program is administered by the state and territory governments. For further information about the Companion Card please visit your state or territory government website. Alternatively, you can visit the Disability Gateway website at and search for ‘Companion Card’. This will provide a link to Companion Card information in the states and territories.

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Forms and Logos



The Companion Card is a registered trade mark owned by the State of Victoria.

Businesses that have formally affiliated with the Companion Card program agree to display the Companion Card logo in a prominent position at their business premises or ticketing outlet and in promotional material, where possible.

Registered affiliates may download the logo in a range of file formats below:

Colour - Blue background

Colour Logo - Blue background

Colour - No background

Colour Logo - No background

Black and White - Black background

Black and White logo - Black background

Black and White - No Background

Black and White logo - No Background

Accepted Here graphic

Accepted Here graphic

Logo colour

The colours used in the logo are:

What not to do - incorrect use of the logo

Please use the logo only in the formats provided. DO NOT: